I gave a talk at the PSUG-UK group on April 10th.

PSUG-UK is a Powershell user group with meetups across England and Scotland, they are a lovely community and you should really check them out when you’re in the UK. Follow them on Twitter or get a Slack invite or check out the London meetups

Software Engineering in Powershell

My talk was on the topic of Powershell and Principles of Software Engineering.

This was a bit cheeky of me, since I have no formal background in SE. But I do see the occasional bit of spaghetti code, and I do know something about the challenges that come with software that has grown organically.

In larger applications, software engineers manage this by following a few design principles, and by using design patterns. These things should be of interest to us writing in Powershell, too - not so much if we write only small scripts, but definitely if we create anything over a few hundred lines of code.

The bulk of the talk is a walkthrough of refactoring a project using SE principles. Slides, notes and demo code are on Github, and the full recording is on YouTube.

But why not start a few minutes in, and see two audience members demonstrate the concept of polymorphism using string and animal noises: