Freddie Sackur: a coding hominid

Freddie has been working in IT since 2009, during which time he has fixed many printers. Emerging into the industry, fingers clutched over starving belly, he fell into a small Windows managed service provider, whence sprang many late-night phone calls. And the overtime was of legend.

Sick of working for a living, he scripted deployments and built support tools using the revolutionary new shell, Pow Ur Shell.

Moving on to Rackspace, he bumbled his way into a full-time developer role. Where he created arcane abominations, and solved hard problems with more problems, and became acquanted with the revolutionary new operating system, Lin Ux.

Freddie is seen annually at the Nowhere event in Spain, where he sets up wireless networks between shipping containers.

Freddie is on sabbatical. He can be found in his workshop in the New Forest, restoring his jalopy, or at his desk, also in the New Forest, making schweet home automation.

Freddie is from Britain, which is a wind-lashed island in the bitter north. He was born of two parents and has no children; he is a node on a directed acyclic graph.