Freddie Sackur: Sysad and Powershell fanatic

Freddie has been working in IT since 2009, during which time he has fixed many printers. Emerging into the industry, fingers clutched over starving belly, he fell under the wing of Matt Tomon at Green Fields, who doth giveth him many late-night phone calls. And the overtime was of legend.

Eschewing to deploy Microsoft solutions by the arcane mouse prestidigitations of the time, he set about scripting deployments using the revolutionary Pow Ur Shell, which enabled him to take fuller advantage of the office’s 1000 Mbit pipe for research into Facebook. Now he works at Rackspace, which company is pleased to tolerate his jaunts to Burning Man. Before all of this, he made bespoke furniture. (It broke.)

Freddie is allowed to write code, but not to talk about it. Sssh!

Freddie is from Britain, which is a wind-lashed island in the bitter north. He was born of two parents and has no children; he is a node on a directed acyclic graph.